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Courses & Training

If you are new to Kinesiology and are interested in Kinesiology Training & Kinesiology Courses and are wondering where to start, then you are at the right place. Denise Gurney is the industry expert...

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Treatment & Consultation

Your first kinesiology treatment will take just over an hour. During the kinesiology consultation you tell me your history, then we talk about what it is you want. You'll be amazed to see how it works...

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Certification Programme

Our Kinesiopractic® Certification Programme is designed to give you the knowledge and skill to practice helping others transform the quality of their health and lives as a holistic health consultant...

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OH Cards &

OH Cards are a genre of special playing cards used as story–telling prompters, kinesiology tools, communication enhancers and social interactivity. The instructions included with the decks encourage imaginative and personal interpretations of the images...

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Why Sustainable Self?

To make the most of 21st century life, we are all called upon to change and grow – not least because of the dietary and technological changes that are taking place every day. We are expected to be able to keep pace with everything that comes our way, but perhaps we are asking too much of ourselves.

I have been convinced for many years that we need extra tools to help us cope with rapid change, and there are many ways to find out what your body needs so that you can make the most of these exciting times.

I am keen to pass on skills to people who want to take care of themselves and their families. If you think you might be interested in learning to sustain yourself, and your friends or family members, then get in touch with Denise.

Why PKP kinesiology and kinesiopractic®?

Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) is not dowsing or arm testing – it is a system of exploring what the body is saying it needs to help you change and grow. PKP has a repeatable protocol system which shows you in what order you need to do things, and it works with your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental needs, so that your whole being starts to function better throughout the process.

There are many types of kinesiology and you can find out about them on the internet. I have found PKP to be the most complete system, with the most highly trained practitioners, and one which has allowed me to grow at my own pace without a therapist telling me what I need.

There are qualified ICPKP practitioners around the world, and you can check the UK site to see if there is a practitioner or a teacher nearer to you. The kinesiopractic® qualification is the highest achievement in PKP kinesiology.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a painless way of evaluating how your muscles are holding up under stress, and then finding out how to improve their function. It is not guesswork on the part of the practitioner, but a simple way of seeing what works for you and then doing it. But it isn’t all about muscles. The stress held in your muscles can be from poor nutrition, or emotional upset, or physical injury. All of these can be helped using PKP kinesiology.

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Some Kinesiology Tools

PKP has hundreds of techniques in the toolbox and all of them work! Some of the tools are available to purchase and include OH Cards & Books/Charts.

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Kinesiopractic® Training

When you have seen a PKP practitioner, you may want to learn it some of it yourself. You can do as few or as many courses as you like, and use it for yourself, your friends, or to run your own business.
There are courses for lay people, and 4 levels of professional training if you want a career as a kinesiopractor®. This is the professional name given to the most highly trained PKP practitioners. Currently there are six people at this level in the UK, although more people are undergoing training.

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